government delegation of the british dependency of gibraltar’s visit to bdk



mr. bruno callaghan and mr. michael ashton visited bdk’s hq for field research and investigation with government delegation of the british dependency of gibraltar on june 26, and they had a tour of the company’s special purpose vehicle manufacturing base. bdk’s general manager du yumin, deputy general manager ye hailong and other leaders were there with the guests during the investigation.

during the meeting, mr. bruno callaghan said that the two parties’ cooperation is happening in the golden era of china’s ‘belt and road’ national strategy, and the gibraltarian side would like to strengthen its cooperation with chinese enterprises. this visit is a follow-up of the two parties’ meeting in may this year for building of smart city of gibraltar, schools, gymnasiums, hotels as well as lv and hv engineering of security housing, and it shows gibraltarian government’s recognition of bdk’s comprehensive strength and professional skills. he hopes that this meeting could enhance mutual understanding, increase the two parties’ close cooperation on smart city, lv and hv engineering, help gibraltarian government rising urban intelligence level, and facilitate delicacy management and intelligent management on science and technology, tourism, transportation and other industries.

du yumin, general manager of the company expressed warm welcome to the delegation, and gave a detailed introduction about the company’s general situation, businesses and global strategic deployment to the representatives of gibraltarian government. he said that the cooperation with gibraltar will become a highlight for both bdk and sino-europe cooperation, bdk will focus on lv and hv engineering of different public buildings and strive to create a win-win situation.

the two parties had an amicable meeting on cooperation closely associated with ‘belt and road’ strategy and framework plan, which laid a foundation for their future cooperation on facilitation of urban construction and other areas. as an important british dependency, gibraltar’s situated in europe. this meeting is both one of bdk’s practices under the country’s ‘belt and road’ strategic deployment and globalization strategy, and the first opportunity for the company to serve european market.


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